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Formed in response to the alarming number of teenage traffic deaths nationwide, Regenerate is comprised of leading media production and distribution professionals enabling outstanding and underprivileged youth to create PSAs, entertaining and educational programming for grass roots (e.g., schools, government programs, city and public access TV) and national television (e.g., MTV, Fox, network, cable, syndication), radio and internet distribution.

The key to Regenerate is youth communicating to youth through compelling broadcast media to save lives, and help youth have a better chance to live healthy lives and achieve their full potential. Regenerate enriches the youth who work on its projects (behind and in front of the camera) while creating more effective educational tools to address today’s pressing teen issues. More effective, because at the end of the day, youth will listen to youth.

Regenerate works to prevent teen traffic, suicide and violence related injuries and fatalities, and provide a productive, meaningful outlet to families and friends who have lost loved ones to these tragic issues, which are interconnected and represent the three leading causes of teen death.

Founded in 2002, Regenerate achieves its mission by enabling youth with production and post production technologies, and professional working environments, to produce and widely distribute powerful, personal and educational by youth–for youth public service announcements, programming, films, curricula, special events and new media.

Current Regenerate programs, background and highlights include:

  • Regenerate developed and is the nonprofit partner in the feature film, MY SUICIDE, that is being produced by Hollywood professionals with Regenerate youth filling key production and creative roles, and working with teen suicide prevention experts. The film stars David Carradine, Joe Mantegna, Harry Shearer, Mariel Hemingway, Nora Dunn, Tony Hale and teen stars Gabriel Sunday, Vanessa Lengies, Steven Anthony Lawrence and Brooke Nevin.
  • Regenerate is developing and producing a compelling, one-hour Teen Suicide Prevention documentary as a companion piece to MY SUICIDE as well as a stand alone broadcast documentary targeted at teenagers and their families.
  • Regenerate recently produced an educational suicide prevention documentary, To Save a Child, hosted by Mariel Hemingway, about identifying and helping elementary school children with serious mood disorders (Regenerate’s first by youth–for teachers production). The California Attorney General’s office distributes the film to schools statewide.
  • Regenerate is producing a Teen Driving Safety Public Service Announcement on “Distraction” for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the California Office of Traffic Safety that will be distributed statewide in 2007.
  • The Ad Council has offered Regenerate a partnership to produce the first ever national Teen Driving Safety and/or Teen Suicide Prevention Public Service Campaign with over $30 million each per year in donated media. Regenerate is currently seeking support for this campaign at a cost of under $1 million per year.
  • Tribune TV stations and Oxygen Network have aired Regenerate PSAs in 56 major markets nationwide.
  • The LA Times has covered Regenerate in its domestic and international editions. Click for Article
  • The Cities of Thousand Oaks and Santa Ana have distributed Regenerate PSAs to 458 California cities for regional cable and network TV, public access, educational, and special event presentation.
  • Law enforcement and insurance company surveys credit Regenerate with helping to reduce teen deaths by 60% in its pilot communities of Ventura and Los Angeles counties.
  • Regenerate produced a $75,000 narrative film, “.08”, on teen drunk driving prevention for the California Office of Traffic Safety and the Santa Ana Police Department that has been shown in assemblies, drivers’ education schools, cable television, and in an educational traveling safety trailer at high schools throughout California, reaching over 1 million young drivers.
  • The Sundance, X-Dance, AtomFilms, Ojai, Georgia State, National Youth, New York, Future, Chicago and other film festivals have exhibited and honored Regenerate PSAs, films and filmmakers.
  • streams Regenerate PSAs on its PBS web site.
  • Jay Leno, George Lopez & Gallagher headlined Regenerate events, raising awareness and funding.
  • Regenerate school assemblies and community special events have played to over 200,000 adults and new drivers over the last four years.
  • In addition to the organizations mentioned above, Regenerate has received grants and support from THQ, Farmers, State Farm, DW Drums, Adobe, G-Technologies, Final Draft, PacificCare, SunGard, Medea, Merex, Creative Artists Agency, the Ventura County Community Foundation, the Lawrence Janss Company, Wells Fargo, Rotary International, Wellpoint, Countrywide, Tribune, Perry Hay & Chu CPAs, and others, including numerous individuals and entertainment industry supporters.

Regenerate: Empowering Youth To Save Lives
“Thank you Regenerate for the work you are doing saving the lives of many teenagers and ensuring a safe future for California. You are absolutely right that teenagers are more likely to listen to peers. That is why it is essential to get the message out, as you are doing, using language young people understand, through film and peer counseling.” – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Regenerate has an important message to tell and is finding avenues of communication to teens in a way that can make a difference and save lives. It is an outstanding program designed to help keep our kids, and our neighbors, safe. It’s a great project that is really making an impact, both at the local and the national level.” – Michael M. Honda, Member of Congress, 15th District, CA Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure

“The City of Thousand Oaks strongly supports the efforts of Regenerate, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, to produce dramatic media focused on reducing teen injuries and fatalities due to the #1 killers of young people, motor vehicle accidents and suicide. Regenerate’s message is more effective, because at the end of the day, youth will listen to youth.” – Andrew P. Fox, Mayor

“The Advertising Council is delighted to offer a partnership opportunity with Regenerate. Our shared goal is to create PSA campaigns, developed by teens, targeted to a teen audience, that are designed to reduce teen injuries and fatalities due to suicide and motor vehicle accidents.” – Wendy Moniz, Senior Campaign Director

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is pleased to partner with Regenerate and The Ad Council to create a campaign “by youth, for youth” to encourage young people to wear seat belts and not drive impaired.” – Rae Tyson, Director, Media Relations, Office of Communications and Consumer Information

“The key to Regenerate is youth communicating to youth through compelling broadcast media to save lives. Regenerate enriches the youth who work on its projects (behind and in front of the camera) while creating more effective educational tools to address pressing issues to teenagers in America.”Congressman Brad Sherman, 24th District, CA

“Regenerate’s films and Public Service Announcements are creative, empathetic and professionally created. State Farm is proud to be associated with such an outstanding organization and looks forward to working with Regenerate for many years to come.” Rick Hore, State Farm Insurance

“Regenerate is making a difference in addressing teen traffic accidents, violence and suicide. Our youth are America’s greatest investment and resource for our future. They are also our greatest concern, as the current state of our world presents too many opportunities for their destruction and obstacles to achieving fulfilling and productive lives. I am grateful that organizations like Regenerate are there to help our young men and women take back the promises of not only youth but of future lives well lived.” Bob Brooks, Ventura County Sheriff