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“My Suicide” Wins Crystal Bear at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival!

Regenerate Films’ MY SUICIDE successfully world-premiered in the Generation 14plus program of the 2009 Berlin Film Festival, and managed to take home the program’s top prize, the Crystal Bear for Best Feature!

Here’s a pic of the Regenerate and MY SUICIDE crew with the prestigious award:

My Suicide Crew wins Crystal Bear

For more information on the win, check out Variety’s article here, and stay tuned for more info, including videos from the award ceremony!

See also: Official My Suicide Website

The Story of Regenerate Films

Regenerate Films is making a movie about its history, and its future direction. Please watch our first cut above.


Hosted by Mariel Hemingway

The screening will showcase a near-final-product cut of My Suicide and will benefit REGENERATE FILMS; the media arm of REGENERATE.

Assigned seats are $20.00 and $100.00 and may be secured by calling 805-497-7691 and asking for Tina and/or Shae. There is a $2.50 service charge on each order. Tickets may also be secured on this site by clicking the “DONATE” button. Please remember to note how many tickets you are purchasing and remember to feel free to donate more. Seating is assigned on a first come, first served basis and all sales are final.

In addition to the screening of MY SUICIDE, the evening will include:

  • The premiere of Regenerate Film’s newly produced short film which brags incessantly about how cool Regenerate is
  • A Question and Answer session with the director, stars and key personnel of My Suicide
  • Gobs of Yummy, heavy and plentiful Hors D’oeuvres and gallons of fine vintage wines
  • A No-host bar
  • A Silent Auction of the Following Items:
    • Three and Six Night Stays in Luxurious Mammoth Mountain Condominiums
    • A High Quality, Steel String Guitar by Epiphone
    • An Ancient, Highly Decorated Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Panel (Hidden for 5 Decades in a Cave in the Himalayas to Elude Communist Cultural Revolutionaries)
    • Hair Grove Gift Basket (Hair Products and Services)
    • Moyen and Co. Jewelers Gift Card ($500)
    • Dr. Azar Gift Card ($500 Toward Cosmetic Treatment Such as Botox, etc.)
    • Front Row L.A. Lakers Tickets
    • Wyatt Earp Signed Poster
    • Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II and Groundhog Day Signed Scripts by Harold Ramis
    • Autographed Musical Memorabilia from The Cure, Papa Roach, Soulja Boy and Rise Against
    • Weezer Duffel Package
    • Great Photography Including a Very Rare Edward Curtis, Mojave Water Carrier (11×15) from 1903.


“My Suicide is today’s “Catcher in the Rye”, speaking for today’s generation in its storytelling, tone, honesty, humor, self-reflection and social commentary. It is audacious and entertaining while offering direction, comfort and solutions. Blending animation and live action, heart, humor and music, it delivers a fabulous film experience.”
Julia Pistor, Nickelodeon Producer of Lemony Snicket, Spiderwick Chronicles, The Rugrats & SpongeBob Movies

“In all my years working in the field of suicide prevention, this is the most exciting film concept I’ve ever seen.”
-Dr. Edwin Shneidman, the world’s leading authority on suicide prevention & Founder of the American Association of Suicidology.

“My Suicide” is a romantic teen comedy with a powerful suicide awareness and prevention subtext. Currently Unrated, we anticipate My Suicide will receive an “R” rating due to language, subject matter, brief nudity and authenticity. Had the filmmakers elected to include scenes of gratuitous violent destruction and mass-murder by large automatic weapons to tell a story of wanton ethical lapses, perhaps we could have gotten a PG


You’ve seen’em. Tools texting while they drive. Maybe you’re one of them. Talking on the cell, while switching iPods to find just the right song. Statistics show that talking on a cell phone while you drive is bascially the same as being plastered on tequila. A bad idea.

Distraction is one of the main causes of teen car crashes, and cell phones are a big part of that. To put that message across to young drivers, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation commissioned Regenerate to develop a public service campaign that combats distraction and the idiocy of cell phone use while driving.

As part of the city wide “Watch the Road” campaign, the result is a thirty-second PSA directed by veteran Regenerator Jordan Miller, narrated by actor Gabriel Sunday, and starring cast members from the “My Suicide” feature film that Regenerate helped develop. Narrated like a 1930s documentary, the PSA sarcastically features three dangerous cell phone scenarios – all of which result in disaster.

The completed spot will soon be distributed to teenagers throughout Los Angeles area schools. It communicates a message that’s becoming a national call to action – Focus on the road, or become a statistic.

And get ready California, because the state has followed New York City and Chicago by outlawing cell phones in drivers’ hands. Starting next July, drivers will no longer be allowed to hold phones and drive. They must utilize a hands-free speaker phone or a Blue Tooth system.


On Friday May 4, 2007, San Francisco will salute punk rock music past and present with the official premiere after-party for the documentary film Punk’s Not Dead directed by Susan Dynner and co-produced by San Francisco native Todd Traina and his production company Red Rover Films. As part of the 2007 San Francisco International Film Festival, the documentary will be screened at the Kabuki Sundance Theater followed by an exciting after-party benefiting REGENERATE and the Nick Traina Foundation.

Event highlights include a sponsored bar, live music and a high-level donors reception with celebrity guests: Robin WilliamsLars Ulrichof Metallica, Fat Mike of NOFX, Adrian Young of NO DOUBT, Shane WestVanessa Carlton.

Featuring a live performance with The Germs and Penelope Houston of the Avengers.This special evening promises to be a great celebration of punk music and an especially poignant night for producer Todd Traina to honor the memory of his brother Nick Traina whose passion for punk music inspired the making of this film. Todd Traina is also one of the producers of MY SUICIDE, the new film directed by Regenerate founder David Lee Miller.

The Nick Traina Foundation supports youth and adults with mental illness, specially targeting musicians who suffer without adequate mental heath care.

To purchase tickets on-line:
Groove Tickets

Regenerate featured on KNBC Los Angeles

In November of 2006, KNBC Los Angeles ran a feature on Regenerate Films:

Regenerate Launches Dark Teen Comedy: Name Cast Joins Youth Movement In “My Suicide”

Brooke Nevin and Gabriel Sunday

While the organization continues to develop and produce exciting audio/visual programs in the teen driving safety arena, Regenerate has boldly begun to tackle another critical issue in the community – teen suicide. Once again, the issue was incubated amongst teenagers and noted experts to determine the best way to stop this senseless “silent killer.” Regenerate founder David Miller listened to those young people, many of whom have helped produce films for Regenerate’s traffic safety program, and decided to raise the bar considerably. Instead of a public service announcement or a short film, Miller decided to organize a feature motion picture team, raise the budget from independent sources and begin shooting a full-length feature movie with Regenerate as a key partner.

Actors Joe Mantegna (The Godfather Part III), David Carradine (Kill Bill, Kung Fu), Mariel Hemingway (Manhattan) and Saturday Night Live’s Harry Shearer and Nora Dunn have joined the cast of MY SUICIDE, which marks the theatrical feature debut of an extraordinary young man – Gabriel Sunday (Now You See It) of Petaluma, California – who at 20 is already an experienced Regenerator, actor, stand-up comic, gifted impressionist, world-class magician and filmmaker.

David Carradine

MY SUICIDE also stars Brooke Nevin (I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer) and co-stars Steven Anthony Lawrence (Cheaper by the Dozen), Vanessa Lengies (American Dreams), Sandy Martin (Napoleon Dynamite) and Michael Welch (Joan of Arcadia).

David Lee Miller (Breakfast of Aliens) writes and directs, with Harold Ramis (Groundhog’s Day) executive producing. Eric J. Adams (Dolores Way) co-wrote the screenplay and produces with Todd Traina (Stanley’s Gig), Larry Janss (The Rites of Pwo), Karen Dean Fritts, Steven Jay Rubin (Bleacher Bums), and Michael McDonough are also executive producers. Kimberley Browning (Smart Card) is the line producer, Alana Henry is the co-producer and Laura Corrin is casting.

Can MY SUICIDE actually save lives too? That’s the hope of writer/director Miller, who believes the film will change attitudes toward suicide and simultaneously illuminate one of this country’s silent killers.

“No one talks about teen suicide, and yet it’s one of the deadliest killers of young people every year,” says Miller, who five years ago co-founded Regenerate with his son, Jordan, after a plague of fatal traffic accidents involving teenagers devastating his community. “The kids aren’t talking about suicide, the parents are afraid to talk about it and professionals appear to be powerless. So how do you reach the teens? By empowering them to speak truthfully through this feature film.”

Brooke Nevin

By following a potentially suicidal teenager, Miller takes us on a quest which will eventually allow all audiences to see what could push a modern teenager towards the ultimate form of rebellion – suicide. But he does it with a light, wicked touch.

“It’s the only way to get the point across. This is a teenage Harold and Maude,” he explains. “A dark teen romantic comedy about suicide and the healing power of love. I’ve got to pack the film with entertainment value and most importantly, humor, authenticity and drama that’s straight from the hearts of teenagers.”

The film has been endorsed by Dr. Edwin Schneidman, the world’s leading authority on suicide prevention and the father of Suicidology. Shneidman also appears as himself in documentary style scenes psychoanalyzing the movie’s fictional leading man. Schneidman says, “In all my years working in the field of suicide prevention, this is the most exciting film concept I’ve ever seen.”

Miller credits Sunday with helping get the independent production financed and moving. “Before my writing partner Eric J. Adams introduced us to Gabe,” he explains,”we really didn’t know if the concept would work. We were looking for a teenager who is a filmmaker, stand-up comic, impressionist, plus a dramatic, comic and physical actor. And the camera has to love him too. It was impossible casting until we discovered Gabriel Sunday in Petaluma. This kid has it all and everybody who meets him sees it. He’s the next Robin Williams.”

G-Technology Donates Drives For Regenerate’s Teen Driving Safety Programs

G-Technology, a leading manufacturer of professional storage solutions, has donated several 500GB G-RAID drives to Regenerate for use in the post production of upcoming Regenerate‘s Teen Suicide Prevention documentary.

These drives rock –they’re the best we’ve ever used — and Regenerate is eternally grateful. Keep up the great work G-Tech! We can’t wait to try the new G-RAID Pro.

Regenerate Featured in LA Times Article

Videos Drive Home Point to Teens With traffic accidents the leading cause of death among youths, a film company taps teenage actors and crews to promote safety.

April 17, 2005
Author: Gregory W. Griggs

Download PDF of Article
After two friends died in a car accident blamed on speeding, Westlake High School student Jordan Miller decided to make a video that promotes safe driving among teenagers as part of a class project.

The one-minute video that Miller produced in 2002 eventually evolved into Regenerate, a nonprofit film-production company that makes public service videos aimed at reducing teen deaths from vehicle accidents, suicide, alcohol and drugs.

The company — a partnership of Miller, his father, David, and partner Mark Barker — uses teenage actors and production crews for its videos, which run mostly on public access channels over cable television.

So impressed with the quality of Regenerate’s work, the Santa Ana Police Department awarded the company an $80,000 contract last year to produce a 14-minute video on the hazards of drunk driving.

“I think we’ve definitely raised awareness,” said Miller, 18, a freshman at Santa Barbara City College. “Teens need to realize that they just need to drive safely.”

Miller said his first video was inspired by the deaths of his friends, Jordan Bass and Kenneth Glass. The two 16-year-olds were killed and two other youths were injured when the Mercedes-Benz station wagon that Glass was driving spun out of control and crashed into a brick wall. Investigators determined the vehicle was traveling about 100 mph when it crashed three days after Christmas in 2001.

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among young people nationwide. In California, 617 youths ages 15 to 19 died in crashes and 59,833 were injured in 2003, according to the most recent figures available from the California Highway Patrol.

The model for Regenerate’s mission is the American Legacy Foundation’s anti-tobacco “Truth” campaign.

“We’d like to do for teen driving safety what ‘Truth’ has done for cigarette smoking,” said David Miller, a film producer and writer. The Millers joined forces with Barker, a former neighbor, to create Regenerate, whose motto is “by youth, for youth.”

With seed money from Thousand Oaks, the original members of Regenerate produced a series of messages on teen safety that the city reproduced on video and sent to more than 450 cities in California to play on public access television. The spots have been picked up on the Oxygen network.

Using jarring rock soundtracks from local garage bands, fast cuts and stark white-on-black graphics, the public service announcements are attention-grabbers. “More teens have died in the last 10 years in car accidents … than soldiers in the Vietnam War,” one spot says.

Hoping to attract some star power, David Miller persuaded actress Mariel Hemingway to appear in Regenerate’s “To Save a Child,” an instructional video for teachers on the need to identify depression and self-destructive behavior as early as possible.

Then, the teen video-makers landed a deal with Santa Ana police to produce the short video “.08,” a reference to the blood-alcohol level of a legally drunk motorist.

Using mostly student actors from Orange County, the crew from Regenerate supervised the location filming, which included a fiery 11-vehicle crash.

The main character in the video, a teen named Danny, takes beer to a pre-spring break party, then crashes his car on the drive home. His girlfriend is killed and he ends up behind bars. The video’s surprise comes at the end when it is revealed that Danny’s blood-alcohol level was less than half the legal limit.

“I wanted a video that was going to be very MTV-ish with short segments that were powerful,” said Santa Ana Police Lt. Cmdr. Tony Levatino, who secured a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety for the project. He appears as a traffic officer in the video.

“What we thought was critical was that the film have some kind of impact and importance to our target audience, 15- to 22-year-olds. Regenerate was all about that.”

Regenerate hopes to give the teen-to-teen message greater exposure by working with the Ad Council, known for its “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” campaign. It also is talking with Los Angeles-based Farmers Insurance about developing a teen driver safety curriculum.

THQ, a Calabasas-based video-game manufacturer, has offered to approach its industry trade group about adding the teen-produced safety messages across its game platforms. THQ is sponsoring a Regenerate fundraising event at 7:30 tonight at Westlake High, featuring a performance by the comedian Gallagher.

“We’re big fans of what they’re doing,” said Peter Dille, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for THQ. “It’s hard to sit through a presentation of what they do without being touched by it.”

Regenerate is sharing profits from this weekend’s event with Westlake High and Students Against Destructive Decisions, a teen-oriented group that discourages driving while intoxicated.

Film producer to head Regenerate

LOS ANGELES – David Miller, CEO of Regenerate, is pleased to announce the appointment of Steven Jay Rubin to Executive Director of the non-profit media organization which enables teenagers to produce teen issue-oriented public service announcements, short films and multi-media events.

Miller, who co-founded the organization in 2002 to deal with a rash of teen reckless driving deaths in Los Angeles and Ventura County, will now focus on production and creative issues, including the organization’s upcoming feature film on teen suicide. Regenerate recently produced “.08,” a powerful teen anti-drunk driving film for the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Rubin will immediately focus on five major projects: “Gallagher: Back to High School,” a regional fundraiser featuring the comedy superstar, scheduled for April 17, 2005 at Westlake High School; Regenerate’s series of Defensive Driving DVDs to be produced in the same signature style that has driven the organization’s public service announcements and short films – utilizing strong MTV-style graphics and contemporary music; Regenerate’s new Montgomery County, Maryland chapter, which will respond to a number of teenage reckless driving fatalities that have plagued this bedroom community outside the nation’s capitol; Regenerate’s expansion into Greater Los Angeles, especially Hollywood and the entertainment industry where an ongoing effort will be made to tie-in with motion picture and television celebrities and behind the scenes personnel. Rubin will also be working closely with our internet engineers and designers to enable the Regenerate DVD Network, a distribution arm which will offer for sale nationally a series of youth targeted driving safety DVD packages to families, classrooms, driving schools, police departments and municipalities.

Steven Jay Rubin is a motion picture producer, author and former studio and network public relations executive. For eleven years, he was under exclusive contract to Showtime Networks Inc. In 2002, he produced the made-for-cable films Bleacher Bums (based on the award-winning stage play, which starred Brad Garrett, Peter Riegert, Wayne Knight and Charles Durning) and Silent Night (a true World War II drama that starred Linda Hamilton and which was nominated for four Canadian Emmy Awards).

Rubin began his career as a film journalist before joining United Artists in 1978 as an advance publicist on the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Some of his credits over the years in the motion picture and television PR field include Pretty in Pink, Weekend at Bernie’s 2; Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, Mom and Dad Save the World, Gladiator, Desert Bloom, Eddie and the Cruisers 2, and the cable remakes of Inherit the Wind; That Championship Season and 12 Angry Men, the latter campaign for which he was nominated for the Maxwell Weinberg Television Showmanship Award from the Publicists Guild of America.

As a film historian, Rubin is the author of seven books and was recently nominated by DVD Exclusive for his insightful running commentary on the making of the World War II adventure, “The Great Escape,” which was featured on the special feature DVD released by MGM in 2004. His fellow nominees in this category include Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King), George Lucas (The Star Wars Trilogy), Matt Groening (The Simpsons) and Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins: the 40 th Anniversary Edition).