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Roland Woerner is an Emmy nominated news and political producer.
Based in both New York and Los Angeles for NBC, he wrote and produced
thousands of hours of broadcasts for the Today Show and contributed to
NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and Dateline NBC.  Covering politics,
he was a Senior and Supervising Producer at MSNBC Hardball with Chris
Matthews and led network coverage of the 2008 Presidential Campaign,
Hardball College Tours, and numerous Presidential debates and
televised forums.  At CBS Television Distribution, Roland was a
producer and writer of the court television shows, “Swift Justice with
Nancy Grace”, “Swift Justice with Jackie Glass”, and “Judge Joe
Brown”.  Currently, he is Senior Producer at Current TV, a new
progressive cable network co-founded by Vice President Al Gore. In the
past, he’s written and produced for various New York radio stations
and networks, including WNBC-AM and RKO Radio Networks.  Roland is the
creator and author of the first 4 editions of the “eBay For Dummies”
bestselling series of computer books.  He also is co-founder, with
fellow Regenerate Board member Richard Shor, of Static Cling
Productions, an independent production company.  Roland lives in Los
Angeles and continues working on his goal of never having missed a
broadcast deadline. Let’s see how that works out.