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Teen Line

Regenerate and Teen Line support each other’s efforts to empower youth to reach each other with peer to peer messages to combat the problems many teenagers face. “As a teen-to-teen hotline we are delighted to support Regenerate in their efforts to educate the community on such important issues as teen suicide. Having collaborated on several projects we are exceedingly impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of the young people involved and the dedication of the Regenerate staff.”  Elaine Leader, Ph.D., Executive Director, TEEN LINE

GoPro Cameras

GoPro is the world’s leading activity image capture company.  GoPro sponsored Regenerate’s “Open Borders” and has donated equipment and its crack media team to work with Regenerate.

City of Santa Ana and California Office of Traffic Safety

Regenerate produced a $75,000 narrative film, “.08”, on teen drunk driving prevention for the California Office of Traffic Safety and the Santa Ana Police Department that has been shown in assemblies, drivers’ education schools, cable television, and in an educational traveling safety trailer at high schools throughout California, reaching over 1 million young drivers.

California Department of Transportation

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation, as part of their city-wide Watch the Road campaign, commissioned Regenerate to produce a public service announcement on the subject of cell phone distraction in automobiles.

California Office of the Attorney General

Regenerate recently produced an educational suicide prevention documentary, To Save a Child, hosted by Mariel Hemingway, about identifying and helping elementary school children with serious mood disorders (Regenerate’s first by youth–for teachers production). The California Attorney General’s office distributes the film to schools statewide in the fall of 2006.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Conejo and Las Virgenes

Regenerate has entered into a joint venture with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Conejo & Las Virgenes to implement Regenerate peer-to-peer public service pilot programs and facilities in Boys & Girls Clubs’ centers, with the plan to take the programs statewide and national within the next 10 years.

Listen Up!

Listen Up! streams Regenerate PSAs on its web site. Regenerate is proud to be part of the Listen Up! network.

The City of Thousand Oaks

The city of Thousand Oaks has distributed Regenerate PSAs to 458 California cities for regional cable and network TV, public access, educational and special event presentation. “The City of Thousand Oaks strongly supports Regenerate’s efforts to produce dramatic media focused on reducing driving-related teen injuries and fatalities. Regenerate has a dynamic message to tell and is creatively finding avenues to communicate to teens in a way that can make a difference.” – Mary Jane V. Lazz, City Manager

Tribune and KTLA

Tribune TV stations have aired Regenerate PSA’s in 56 major markets nationwide. Los Angeles Tribune television station KTLA is a founding partner of Regenerate.

State Farm Insurance

“Regenerate is an outstanding program designed to help keep our kids, and our neighbors, safe. As a State Farm agent, I’m very happy to support this organization and am very proud of the work of all the members of Regenerate. State Farm is committed to keeping our community safe and helping to educate youth. This program does both these things. It forces kids to think about making responsible choices and this project teaches the kids involved about the business aspects and the detailed work required to produce effective public service announcements. State Farm looks forward to working with Regenerate for many years to come. It’s a great project that is really making an impact, both at the local and the national level. The spots are creative, empathetic and professionally created and State Farm is proud to be associated with such an outstanding organization.” – Rick Hore, State Farm Insurance Companies

  • Lawrence Janss Company
  • Four Friends Gallery
  • School of the Pacific Islands Foundation
  • The Martin B. and Smith Foundation
  • More Valued Partners
    In addition to the organizations mentioned above, Regenerate has received grants and support from THQ, Farmers, DW Drums, Adobe, G-Technologies, Final Draft, PacificCare, SunGard, Medea, Merex, Creative Artists Agency, the Ventura County Community Foundation, Wells Fargo, Rotary International, Wellpoint, Countrywide, Perry Hay & Chu CPAs, and others, including numerous individuals and entertainment industry supporters.