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Regenerate Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

Based in Thousand Oaks, California, Regenerate was formed in 2002 to combat the alarming number of tragic teenage traffic deaths.  Regenerate’s original mission was to reduce teen injuries and fatalities due to teen car crashes, suicide, violence, alcohol and drugs, by empowering youth to professionally produce and widely distribute “By Youth–For Youth” Public Service Programming and Events.

Regenerate’s first Public Service Announcements were distributed to nearly 500 cities throughout California, and played in 50 major markets across the nation, reaching millions of viewers.  To quote Regenerate’s youth founder, Jordan Miller, 15,  “Saving just one life would be worth it to me.”

In honor of our 10th Anniversary, here’s those first PSAs – and a peek at the kids who led the charge making them.

And just for kicks, here’s a 14-minute narrative film Regenerate made for the California Office of Traffic Safety & the Santa Ana Police Department’s teen drunk driving prevention programs. The film played throughout the state at numerous forums, events, and drivers education classes; and as part of a traveling educational Teen Driving Safety trailer. It was also a chance for the Regenerate youth crew to film huge car crashes, shooting from choppers.