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You’ve seen’em. Tools texting while they drive. Maybe you’re one of them. Talking on the cell, while switching iPods to find just the right song. Statistics show that talking on a cell phone while you drive is bascially the same as being plastered on tequila. A bad idea.

Distraction is one of the main causes of teen car crashes, and cell phones are a big part of that. To put that message across to young drivers, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation commissioned Regenerate to develop a public service campaign that combats distraction and the idiocy of cell phone use while driving.

As part of the city wide “Watch the Road” campaign, the result is a thirty-second PSA directed by veteran Regenerator Jordan Miller, narrated by actor Gabriel Sunday, and starring cast members from the “My Suicide” feature film that Regenerate helped develop. Narrated like a 1930s documentary, the PSA sarcastically features three dangerous cell phone scenarios – all of which result in disaster.

The completed spot will soon be distributed to teenagers throughout Los Angeles area schools. It communicates a message that’s becoming a national call to action – Focus on the road, or become a statistic.

And get ready California, because the state has followed New York City and Chicago by outlawing cell phones in drivers’ hands. Starting next July, drivers will no longer be allowed to hold phones and drive. They must utilize a hands-free speaker phone or a Blue Tooth system.