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Regenerate Films’ ‘My Suicide’ filmmaker to receive audience with Pope Benedict XVI

[PRESS Release —November 11, 2009]

Festival Circuit Winner to be Part of Pontifical Council for Culture Event on Saturday, November 21.

David Lee Miller, award-winning writer/director of the teen dramedy My Suicide, has been invited to attend a unique cultural meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday, November 21, 2009 in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel.

The event marks the 10th Anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Artists in which the Holy See put into writing its enthusiastic support for artists and their search for spiritual and religious inspiration. Once again, the Papacy is seeking to create “a precious and significant occasion of renewed dialogue between the Church and artists in different fields.” Miller will join the historic gathering, which will occur on the 45th anniversary of a similar event that took place with Pope Paul VI.

“To receive an invitation for an event of this magnitude is truly humbling, and one of those life experiences I know I will never forget,” said Miller. “It is truly an honor for our film to be included in the diverse company of such world-renowned artists.”

My Suicide recently came to the attention of the Holy See after winning the Crystal Bear at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, and after sweeping the Giffoni International Film Festival in Southern Italy, where it won Best Film, the Jury Grand Prize, the My Movies Best Feature and the Audience Award for Miller’s fascinating look into the psyche of an American teenager. The groundbreaking film has since won 16 international festival awards in the last several months and has sparked repeat viewings wherever it plays. The film plans to release nationally in 2010.